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Let's use this space to SHARE our best wisdom and our best instruction--the new understandings, lessons, units, handouts, rubrics, presentations, images, and teaching tips that have been either rotting in our file cabinets or posted and lonely on our individual sites.


Let us demonstrate how teacher-librarians can use new landscapes to create serious professional tools.


I invite practitioners, library educators, and preservice librarians to contribute and help this space grow.


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New: Saving school library programs for learners!

Web 2 and School Library 2**

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*Open Source Resources for Education

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*Booklists for middle school students

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*Booklists for high school students


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Information literacy and models

*General information literacy: elementary

*General information literacy: middle school

*General information literacy: secondary

*Information access: elementary

*Information access: middle school

*Information access: secondary

*Evaluation: elementary

*Evaluation: middle school

*Evaluation: secondary

*Synthesis: elementary

*Synthesis: middle school

*Synthesis: secondary

*Information ethics: elementary

*Information ethics: middle school

*Information ethics: secondary


*Organization & Communication: elementary

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*Organization & Communication: secondary

Library survival strategies

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