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School Libraries.Net Peter Milbury's Network of School Librarian Web Pages http://www.school-libraries.net/

Strongest Links for UK School Librarians Anne Robinson's site attempting to bring together sources of support. http://www.strongest-links.org.uk



Shambles Librarians Page http://www.shambles.net/librarian/


Our individual sites:


Springfield Township High School Virtual Library http://mciu.org/~spjvweb

Hickory Elementary School (look at a school website maintained by the school librarian~talk about PR!) http://www.avon.k12.in.us/Hickory/welcome.htm

Eatons Hill State School Library-'Your Library without Walls' http://www.eatohillss.eq.edu.au/Library/library.htm

Smith Virtual Media Center http://home.comcast.net/~smithhq

Palisades High School Library Website http://www.palisadessd.org/phslibrary

Duxbury Middle School Library http://www.dmslibrary.typepad.com



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